Product training

S1 Audio

Professional training for the magic of sound to operate

Technicians and professionals in the music industry know that the invisible work is the one that will be the most visible. If the performance is essential, the technical expertise that allows it to be built is the invisible framework enabling it to take its place. The slightest flaw in a system has an impact on the whole.

The materials used therefore have a preponderant, even essential place in creation and rendering work. We understand this, and we work on this invisible, but fundamental and determining factor that makes all the difference in a performance. We know technicians, engineers, and operators are responsible for this work, which often poses unprecedented challenges that you must meet within tight deadlines and with an obligation to deliver results. You are the guarantors of the work, not to say the guardians of sound!

We want to make sure that you fully enjoy the chosen equipment. That’s why we follow the installation process step by step, from installation to use, and advise you on its conception in advance. We want your system to give you complete satisfaction and for you to fully master it.

It is essential for us, our manufacturer partners, but above all for you, your customers, and the public that the selected equipment be used optimally. In this perspective, we ensure that all of our network of sound engineers, integrators, installers, resellers and service providers are trained in the use of our products.

We are committed to ensuring that network members fully master the features of the equipment they have in hand and know by heart the variations, subtleties in the settings, and nuances offered by our systems. Once again, we want the result to give you and us full satisfaction. This is our way of guaranteeing impeccable sound precision, regardless of the context.

Of course, we also offer monitoring and technical support >>