Outstanding Mid-Size Bass Performance


F121 provides outstanding bass performance from a moderately sized enclosure making it the bass of choice for many diverse applications.

Similar in output power to an F218, this single 21” version of the F221 can be used with virtually all Funktion-One mid-high loudspeakers to great effect.  It comprises a horn-loaded and very robust Funktion-One designed 21” driver, with 6” voicecoil and Neodymium magnet. Available with optional wheels, throat grille and pole mount.

Key features

• Physical and well-defined bass performance
• Advanced Funktion-One loading
• High output from moderately sized enclosure
• Funktion-One designed driver with Neodymium magnet
• New driver orientation provides improved cooling
• Integral handles
• Construction 18mm birch ply
• Optional throat grille, wheels and pole mount

Technical specification

Usable Bandwidth (-3DB)
40Hz - 250Hz
72kg (159lbs)
Nominal Dispersion
Array dependent
2 x Neutrik NL4


Specification Sheet
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