Projection Software

Projection is a program for fast venue modelling and system design


Projection software enables users to optimise Vero and Evo configurations for a range of installation and live event environments Projection is a program for fast venue modelling and system design.The program has been developed in-house by Funktion-One for the Windows platform. Software updates regularly add new functionality.

Key features:

Venue View

Building venue models in Projection is fast and easy. Simple geometric shapes can be combined to build a complex 3D model of a venue. Shadowing from walls can be included in the calculation.

Side (Array)

View Arrays are designed and aimed in the side view, setting trim height, cabinet types and angles. Row and band gains can be adjusted to optimise performance. The required positions on the grid are displayed along with the total load.

3D View

The resulting sound field is calculated in three dimensions with the levels plotted on intersecting horizontal or vertical planes. The calculation algorithm is very efficient, with results for most venue sizes available in seconds, rather than minutes. This enables near real time system design and optimisation. Two acoustic summation algorithms are available; a magnitude calculation for mid-high frequencies and optionally a complex calculation (including phase) for viewing low frequency interaction between loudspeakers.

Microphone Function

Virtual microphones can be added to the venue model to view the frequency response of the system at any position within the model. Responses can be A-weighted or unweighted.

Projection Software
Projection Software
Projection Software
Projection Software
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