S1 Audio

The harmonious expression of multiple parts for an unrivalled sound experience

Acclaimed in festivals, our brands benefit from a great popularity in the world of electronic music. The Boom festival in Portugal, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and Tomorrowland in Belgium all require Funktion-One equipment for obvious reasons: extraordinary musical texture, high-quality immersive sound, and a genuine connection with the audience. These events are associated with the Funktion-One sound because it is a different sound, one that places emotion at the heart of its technology.

Our audio equipment is ideal for all musical genres. This is evidenced by the many festivals that rely on our sound systems. These events, such as Lost Theory, Worldwide, and Secret Garden, are known for their diverse crossover stages that feature everything from electronic music to free jazz. The meeting of several musical genres is served by a precise and genre-specific sound reproduction because our systems do not require curve correction for optimal results: only the performances and the musicality matter.

Funktion-One took off with electronic music, which brought out unusual sounds. These sounds are demanding in terms of the rendering of sound systems, which must be able to reproduce them accurately, even the most subtle nuances. The difference is in the way it feels: total immersion in the music allows the audience to vibrate with the sound.

We offer versatile solutions to create immersive sound and meet a diversity of purposes, regardless of musical genres.

Our products are available in several versions: the touring version, which is lightweight and easy to transport, with integrated hanging systems and wheels; the intermediate version, called the “E version”, which is made of simple speakers without integrated hanging systems and ceramic magnets, and is heavier but more economical; and finally, the skeleton version, which is very lightweight, easy to install, and less expensive, but requires careful consideration of the conditions of use.

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