Engineering Office

S1 Audio

The engineering office for the most complex projects

Your needs can be very diverse, we know. That’s why we start working for you as soon as you make contact. This does not commit you in any way, but on our side, we commit ourselves from this moment on to provide you with the most appropriate advice for your projects and the solutions that we can offer.

The choice of audio equipment is essential if you want to offer durable systems with impeccable sound. Its various qualities are essential to create a clean atmosphere, a universe, to allow an orator to be heard, an atmosphere to settle in, a public to dance… Solidity, ease of use, reliability, are the pillars of an installation: but above all the quality of the rendering and a colour that is your own.

Preliminary study with no obligation

A preliminary study is proposed on every project, before any collaboration: we analyse your requests in order to be able to respond in a precise manner, both in terms of deadlines and constraints (budgetary and temporal). When your projects, ideas, or locations are out of the ordinary: we proceed to in-depth and acoustic studies to address their complexity.

In-depth study

The in-depth study is a comprehensive service that guarantees you will have all the tools you need for your installations. We implement it for specific projects that require more attention: acoustic signatures, obstacles, etc. It ensures that the chosen sound installation offers optimum performance with full consideration of the direct environment and the intended use.

It includes the following:

  • 3D modelling of the location
  • Study of its internal acoustics
  • Synoptics of wiring and installation of the recommended system(s)

A site visit with acoustic measurements may be carried out depending on the nature or complexity of the project.

Acoustical study

This complementary study includes – as its name suggests – a thorough acoustic analysis of the spaces, places, and materials, with respect for a desired output and the specific difficulties (age, openness, desired resonance, etc.).

It is intended for the most complicated projects where sound is at the heart of their activity, or more generally for special spaces (old buildings, fragile materials and devices, cramped spaces, etc.) where sound is essential to the success of the project. It is therefore aimed at advanced professional projects, communities, tour organisers, festivals, studios, professional premises, filmmakers, etc.

Acoustical studies are carried out in addition to the in-depth study when there is a need to improve internal or external acoustics (neighbourhood, proximity to noise pollution, regulations).

We also ensure you are trained to use our products >>