XO4 Audio Management System

4-in 8-Out Audio Management Systems


The XO4 and XO4A (Audiocore-compatible) audio management systems are 4-input, 8-output audio systems designed and manufactured to Funktion-One’s specifications by XTA. Offering advanced processing capabilities and improved performance, along with additional features as standard, the native processing of the XO4 operates at 96 kHz, resulting in an extended bandwidth (over 30 kHz), and its high-performance converters produce reduced noise and improved distortion figures. Audiocore compatibility allows for the remote control of up to 32 processors via a standard 3-pin XLR signal cable.

Key features

• 4 inputs and 8 outputs
• Native processing at 96 kHz
• Extended bandwidth (over 30 kHz)
• Improved converters - reduced noise and improved distortion figures
• 2x24 character display with low-profile buttons
• Auto-switching power supply for all voltages
• Extended memory capacity
XO4 Audio Management System
XO4 Audio Management System
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