Lightweight Class AB Amplifiers


The E Series amplifier range includes three Class AB amplifiers, designed to Funktion-One’s specification and manufactured by MC2 to our exacting standards of audio fidelity.

E-Series models include the E15, E25 and E30Q, each offering a sophisticated power control system (linked to both the limiter and the power supply) which keeps the amps within their operating limits at all times. Power Reduction Circuit (PRC) controls on rear panel, linked to the limiter threshold, enable each channel to be independently set so that different loudspeakers can be connected to each channel with safety. Full DC, short circuit and thermal protection, which automatically reconnects when the fault is cleared. Front panel LEDs indicate fault condition. Optional crossover cards available.

Key features

• Lightweight switching power supply with large power reservoir giving
• Extremely high peak power without any bass sag
• MC2 proprietary current driven output stages for ultra-high-definition sound
• Full high frequency power
• Power delivered over the entire audio bandwidth
• Soft start 'power on' with full in-rush protection
• Low distortion limiters with adjustable threshold points

Output Power (Per Channel)

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