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Experts and recognised players in the audio industry for several decades for the quality, excellence of our equipment and the installation of sound systems in the most demanding environments. We provide THE NUMBER ONE SOLUTION for your most ambitious and innovative ideas and projects!

Designing the sound system for a club, artistic or cultural performances, fashion shows, parades, inhabiting unusual or historical places, sporting events, festivals, or even events designed to welcome thousands of visitors, has been our job for over 30 years.

We ensure the equipment, the guarantee of an excellent rendering, material reliability; but above all, respect for hearing and the environment (neighbourhood, regulations, buildings). We understand the mission of the technicians who work in the shadows for the public.

The strength of our equipment and network: a rich sound rendition that combines the ability to hear and appreciate the quality of performances while preserving the ability to hear each other close to a listening point. This is the goal we set for ourselves with our partners in charge of installations. We understand the difficulties for providers to ensure the supply, follow-up and delivery within often very tight deadlines, while ensuring a high-quality sound rendering for your spectators, listeners, and all audiences.

We work with a network of integrator engineers, installers, and resellers, to whom we provide all the training to use and operate these cutting-edge equipment that are not intended for everybody.

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