S1 Audio

An ephemeral sonic experience to produce forever feelings

Events are a fun, moving, and at times surprising way to promote a message, brand, or project, regardless of its nature.

​​Creating festive, elegant moments, captivating atmospheres, where engagement must be achieved through an experiential approach. Music is a key element to animate these very important moments for staged brands and performances. The atmosphere and sound evocation must be in line with the creativity of the event.

Solution One is a valuable partner in this respect. The sound immersion offered by our audio systems perfectly matches the concept of experience. Our equipment range adapts to the different types of events for a precise and adapted rendering to your circumstances.

The sound systems we conceive, thanks to the compatibility and complementarity of the products, enable us to optimise the sonic experience and adapt it to your different needs. We can recommend a varied and versatile set of audio equipment that allows you to produce any type of event, and which can also be rented for tours or festivals.

The range of audio products we distribute being extensive, we can set up ambitious event productions in some of the most famous and prestigious venues such as the Grand Palais, the Cité de la Mode, the Arènes de Nîmes, the Palais de Tokyo, the Centre Pompidou, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, the Palais des Festivals or the Palais Bulles in Cannes.

It goes without saying that Solution One works with talented contractors and service providers and ensures that they are supported both in terms of equipment selection and technical aspects, for example by providing complex and acoustic studies as needed.

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