S1 Audio

The benchmark in today’s clubbing world, praised by the public and DJs

The audio equipment we distribute offers exceptional sound reproduction that, for both the public and the artists, will be a guarantee of quality and the image of your events. A venue sound-engineered by Solution One and its partners assures you of a rendering that guarantees the reputation of your establishment. The reliability of the installations is an essential element for establishing trusting relationships with your artists and your audience.

The audience, who will be near a speaker, will still be able to talk while being immersed in the music. They will be able to leave the party enthusiastic, galvanised, without a broken voice or hearing problems, and have fully enjoyed their musical experience. A must in today’s clubbing!

DJ monitoring systems, such as the PSM 318, offer an incomparable level of comfort that allows you to hear and feel the sounds and spectral nuances perfectly. The distortion rates with F1 systems are very low, which leaves room for other sounds, such as human voices, to be heard.

Nothing beats seeing the reaction of an enthusiastic audience in front of artists, whether DJs, live or other musical performances. The connection that is established between people who feel the music and share emotions creates precious and even unforgettable memories.

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