Class D Amplifiers with DSP and Dante options


The F-Series amplifier range includes four Class D amplifiers, designed to Funktion-One’s specification and manufactured by Full Fat Audio (FFA) to our exacting standards of audio fidelity.

F-Series models include the high power F100-2 dual power supply amplifier (suited to operating into 2Ω loads) and three 4-channel amplifiers (F20Q, F40Q and F80Q). All four amplifiers utilise rugged switch modulation power supplies (SMPS) with Class D Pulse Width Modulation amplifier stages. The 4-channel models are also available with internal DSP. Networking, four inputs and six outputs (four via amplifier channels and two via additional signal channels) and intuitive software offer great flexibility for both live and installation.

Key features

• High efficiency Class D technology
• Optional DSP card (4 channel models only)
• Rugged tour class aluminium construction
• Lightweight design
• Side chain TCA clip limiter
• Signal link connectors
• Hand built and designed in the UK

Output Power (Per Channel)

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