Commercial Spaces

S1 Audio

Help your clients make a lasting impression and give their image some volume

Retail stores, shopping malls, and exhibition centres are designed to welcome targeted clients or very diverse audiences, with sometimes large and distinct volumes. Sensory marketing does not neglect any sense.

Commercial spaces must have an atmosphere that reflects their identity, conducive to discovering the different offers while leaving their mark. The purpose ultimately is to guide the visitor in their discovery of the brands and products, and to encourage the act of purchase.

At Solution One, we are committed to being mindful of hearing, which is essential to respect in all circumstances. The hearing threshold and ambient noise must be controlled so that music, sound, and announcements can accompany the different audiences in their shopping experience.

A harmonious and discreet sound generates an atmosphere that, according to the tones and spirit you wish to convey, remains balanced and pleasant for everyone. Micro announcements, if necessary, must be audible, distinct, and intelligible, without disturbing the visitor with background noise and sudden volume changes.

It is necessary to take into account the specific characteristics of the spaces in question, their function, the ambient noise, the attendance, the potential commercial events and the interventions so that the visit is as pleasant as possible.

Providing your customers with auditory comfort, allowing them to evolve in a relaxing sonic environment is an asset to encourage them to come back, to recommend you, and of course to favour you for their purchases.

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