System Engineer 7


System Engineer is a highly unified control and monitoring PC application for a multitude of professional audio device types. It is a solidly engineered platform developed by Linea Research for their own products. However System Engineer is also a true SYSTEM controller, able to connect to any Obcom compliant device of any type or from any manufacturer. Dozens of manufacturers’ products are supported by System Engineer. One click and you are online to a whole network of devices. A double-click and you can control the device. Plug another device into the network and, thanks to Continuous Discovery, see it being automatically added to System Engineer.

Drag an EQ curve with your mouse to control the EQ in real time. Adjust a control on the front panel of the device and watch the System Engineer panel change smoothly in sympathy. Drag devices to a Group and you have group control of any number of devices. You can even design a system in your hotel room by adding an offline control panel, editing the control parameters and saving the resulting file. The file can then be loaded into a device when you get to the venue.

Key features

• One click finds devices across all your network
• No manual device addressing needed
• Continuous Discovery finds new devices
• Controls can be adjusted on the device too
• Powerful Grouping with overlays for EQ, Gain and Delay
• Fast metering
• Panel positions retained between sessions
• Drag-able curves
• Copy/paste EQ curves between channels or devices
• EQ Palette
• Mute All (system mute)
• Temperature, protection and status logging
• OEM Parameter locking/hiding features
• Integration with EASERA SysTune
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