S1 Audio

A qualified sound journey in complete safety

The sound systems we offer are as efficient in terms of their logistical properties as they are in terms of their acoustic properties. This is no surprise: Funktion-One equipment has been used in touring since the origins of modern touring. In fact, the brand’s Research and Development team has invented many techniques that are now commonplace in the world of touring today.

Very easy to stow in trucks, our audio systems are easy to transport. Solid, they are also easily deployed in the room. Their sound quality allows them to be adapted to outdoor stages as well as to concert halls, whether intimate or gigantic. Acoustic precision, ease of adjustment and reliability are always there, as is the emotion that such sound immersion triggers.

Of course, the equipment is available in different versions:

– The touring version, lightweight, functional and ergonomic, has an integrated hanging system.

– The intermediate version, called version E, comprises a simpler cabinet, without the integrated hanging system with ceramic magnets. It is heavier, but also more cost effective.

– The skeleton version is in itself very lightweight, sometimes easier and less costly to install. However, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which it will be used.

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