System Engineer 8 (beta)


System Engineer 8 introduces a new fast workflow based approach to configuring, controlling and monitoring Linea Research amplifiers. A ground up redevelopment, System Engineer 8 is faster, more flexible, and more powerful than previous versions.

Three intuitive workflow modes guide the user through system Setup, loading or configuring Presets, and finally Tuning and monitoring the system.

Flexible Routing Mixer Matrix

New with System Engineer 8 is a flexible input routing and mixing matrix.  Every Output can be assigned to either a single input, a sum of multiple inputs, or in Matrix mode a mix of inputs with adjustable gain for each source.

Preset Management

Loudspeaker manufacturer amplifier presets, and user created presets, are easily managed through a new yet familiar file browser type interface.

System Tuning

System Engineer 8’s new tuning workflow provides a drive module focused view for tuning, optimisation, and monitoring of your whole system. The new EQ window includes curve dragging with Q adjustment, and color coded filter display for rapid identification.

With the new “EQ Toggle” functionality users can create A & B EQ curves and quickly switch between them to audition different settings, as well as enabling or disabling the EQ for an “all flat” comparison.

In addition to traditional IIR based equalisation each output channel can also be loaded with custom FIR filter settings, imported from .csv or .txt files at either 48kHz or 96kHz.


System Engineer 8 introduces new group control functionality allowing multiple Drive Modules to be grouped together for unified control.

Drive Modules can be assigned to one or multiple groups, with each group offering Mute, Gain, Delay, two Low Shelf filters, six parametric EQ filters, and one FIR High Shelf filter.

Key features

• Workflow based single screen design
• Re-designed preset management system
• Fast discovery and synchronisation of devices and group overlays
• Full screen EQ and crossover views with improved curve dragging control
• EQ comparison feature on every input, output and group EQ
• Copy/paste or drag and drop EQ curves between channels and devices
• New input routing and mixing matrix
• Improved telemetry logging
• Improved OEM workflow
• Quick View toolbar allows system wide viewing and editing
System Engineer 8 (beta)
System Engineer 8 (beta)
System Engineer 8 (beta)
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