S1 Audio

How we choose our Processors

Before the age of intelligent amplifiers we all used processors.

But at the beginning it’s interesting to note that Tony Andrews and John Newsham were the first people in the world to produce a large scale audio system incorporating a digital processor.

The main reason for this was for time alignment. It was only by using digital technology that it was possible to simply dial in a delay to put the different components in a speaker cabinet into phase (Previously they achieved this with physically placing the elements to achieve coherence and complex and lengthy process especially on a gig, but that’s another story). 

All of the processors that we propose today are the direct offspring of those first groundbreaking devices. 

Since the advent of digital sound processors our lives have gotten much easier and even today they are much sought after for certain uses.

Most often we choose an external processor to have a simplified architecture for swapping between amplifier configs or when adding additional amplification or routing to an existing system. 

The processors we offer from Linea Research, Funktion-One, or FFA are all completely compatible and networkable with the newer and older products in their respective universes. 

The 3 platforms each have their own distinct characteristics making them indispensable to the Solution One catalogue.