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Versatile, reliable, and durable high-tech sound system for your permanent audio installations

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Installing a sound system in a club, a performance hall, a hotel, a stadium or a commercial space involves making solid and long-term decisions. The equipment chosen must be flexible to meet your regular and more occasional needs, yet scalable to support the organisation development.

In the planning stages, it is necessary to take into account a multitude of internal and external parameters, such as the layout of the premises, the acoustic signature, ambient noises, materials, obstacles, the neighbourhood, and regulations.

The sound engineers, integrators, installers, and all the technicians we work with master all of these parameters and are able to operate in multiple contexts. Depending on the complexity of the projects, we conduct in-depth studies to ensure that the proposed solution meets your needs fully and gives you complete satisfaction, as well as your audience and the artists who perform.

We collaborate with brands that are recognised by professionals and awarded for their patented processes, such as Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio, Linea research, and RC Audio. As the exclusive dealer and distributor of these brands, we are committed to the quality of our installations.

We provide state-of-the-art equipment, and its use must be done in the best conditions. That is why we provide a comprehensive service that goes from the study of your project to the follow-up of the installations and training for optimal performance.

​​Our partnerships allow us to seamlessly integrate different components, which in turn enables us to centralise controls, evolve the installation according to the development of your structure, and modulate it according to your needs, such as outdoor patios or meeting rooms for occasional events.

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