Vero V315

Vero V315 is the mid-bass element in the Vero system.


The horn loaded triple 15” design gives musical fundamentals the clarity and authority they deserve. Drums have “punch” and power, and bass has articulation and rhythm.

The modular design of Vero gives the system designer an extra dimension of flexibility and control, alongside vertical angle settings. The sound field can be precisely tailored to the venue, and acoustically controlled without beam steering or DSP.

Key features

• Flown mid-bass Vero loudspeaker
• Clear and dynamic mid-bass 'punch'
• Excellent electroacoustic energy efficiency
• Integrated flying system for quick and easy deployment
Vero V315
Vero V315
Vero V315
Vero V315

Technical specification

Usable Bandwidth (-3DB)
50Hz to 250Hz
Nominal Dispersion
Array dependent
1 x Neutrik NLT4MP


Specification Sheet
User Guide
Vero Brochure
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