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A community of experts, minds, passions, and shared experiences

We work by vocation. We favour sustainable relationships in order to continuously develop our community of professionals, who are passionate about electroacoustics just like us. These relationships involve continuous feedback and exchanges with manufacturers to develop processes and meet the various challenges.

Our integrators, installers, and equipment hire companies work daily with our systems and create exceptional fixed, ephemeral, or itinerant sound systems. As a result, we will offer to connect you with a local contact who will be your point of contact. We will therefore offer to connect you with a local qualified expert who will be your point of contact.

As privileged partners, we support them throughout the implementation of their audio projects: we guide them towards the most suitable equipment, carry out preliminary studies, train them for optimum use of the chosen equipment, and of course, provide follow-up and technical support. Absolutely convinced that sound must be a combination of technicality and emotion, we will put our expertise and our heart at their service.

Designing a sound environment is a delicate balance between art and science. The sound system must fade away to make room for emotions. This is how our equipment allows you to offer your audiences unforgettable sound experiences.

  • Need to install a sound system in a building, an open space or even a very unusual place? We can put you in touch with the best qualified expert in your local area.
  • Sound engineer, integrator, installer or you hire out equipment yourself? We are always happy to discuss new collaborations.
  • Want to become a reseller of our brands’ superior audio equipment? We would love to hear from you.

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