FFA 8004HD

HD Audio Amplifiers for Premium Sound


HD are high performance four channel power amplifiers. These amplifiers are ideally suited for use with premium sound systems.

FFA’s rugged, high current power supplies respond to the lowest musical notes and audio special effects. The mechanics are built to the same exacting standards as FFA’s professional live sound and night venue products.

These class D amplifiers use highly efficient electronic technology to run cool and use less mains supply power. The precision analogue circuits give a very stable sound stage with excellent signal to noise ratio. The sound experience is wholly musical and natural which will enhance the cinematic performance.

Key features

• Features a new silent cooling system
• Highly efficient electronic technology
• Use less mains supply power
• Channel pairs can be bridged to drive very high power 8 Ohm subwoofers
• Designed and made in England with a 6 year warranty


Any sound system that is required to deliver best audio performance
Long term power delivery in any environment
Home residential cinemas
Professional test screening rooms
Commercial cinemas
Live theatre sound
Conference rooms
AV systems
Night venues
Cruise ships

FFA 8004HD
FFA 8004HD

Technical specification

Power Ratings
4 x 2000W ref 4 Ohms, 4 x 1000W ref 8 Ohms
THD+N typical 0.03% ref 4 Ohms 1kHz
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz +- 0.5dB
40 Point Potentiometer per channel, power on switch
signal green = -20dB, signal yellow = -3dB, red signal = clip, signal red protect = over current, low AC mains or 3 sec. mute on power up
Load Protection
DC on output, precision clip limiter circuit
Amplifier Protection
Short circuit, current overload, thermal shutdown, high frequency stability circuit
Audio Signal Inputs
Balanced Neutrik® Female XLR input each channel Pin 1 - GND, Pin 2 - Hot +, Pin 3 - Cold
Audio Power Outputs
Neutrik® speakON each channel. Channels 1 and 3 output speakON utilises 2+ and 2- connection to allow use of 4 core loudspeaker cable for bi amp loudspeaker system. Bridged output
Power Requirement
1 x Neutrik® 20A powerCON connector 1 x 16 A 230 VAC Circuit. Power range 185 V-230 VAC 120 V (configured at factory)
System Cooling
High CFM 80mm fan with proportional signal speed control. Rear to front airflow
88mm Height x 483mm Width x 510mm Depth. Includes rear rack support. 19" rack mount enclosure
10 kg


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