Recording Studios

S1 Audio

The cutting-edge technology for an accurate sound definition

The essence and heart of our work is obviously sound and, consequently, musical creation. Upstream, its development takes place in studios and recording rooms. It is the passion that drives us, together with our partners, whether they are manufacturers or artists, with whom we have been collaborating for several decades. The rewards we receive, both technically and artistically, are, for us, the culmination and consecration of our work.

Downstream, listening rooms and auditoriums allow for assessing and enhancing the quality of the work, refining its precision and rendering. We offer active diffusion systems and modules for professional recording studios, home studios, and auditoriums.

Our affordable equipment provides excellent quality return in terms of dynamics, coherence, a colouration specific to a genre or its absence to allow creativity to express itself fully.

For example, the F101 monitoring system enables you to work on sonic details with precision and finesse, or the Resolution 2 system which allows you to listen in a “live” condition to reproduce the power and dynamics of music during a stage performance.

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