Fatware (G3 DSP)


Developed with partner NST Fatware is FFA’s control software giving access to all FFA G2 and G3 DSP devices.

Fatware’s intuitive user interface makes it simple to automatically discover all your devices and get control of them on a network using Mac PC or iPad.

Fatware gives full control of all DSP, routing and configuration of multiple FFA devices with ability to set up systems offline and store/load presets and preset libraries.

More advanced tools are also available allowing device linking, storing/loading of system snapshots as well as selective locking of device control panels. For “Power Users” there are also many shortcuts and time saving features to make system configuration quicker and easier.

Key features

• Available for PC, Mac and iPad
• Automatic discovery of all devices on the network
• Connection via Ethernet / Wifi or USB (PC only)
• Open multiple device control panels simultaneously
• Real time metering of all online devices at 30fps
• Copy and paste devices, channels or EQ between devices
• Automatic prompting when firmware updates are available for connected devices
• System monitor window to view metering and network status of all devices
• Split virtual rack view and system monitor into virtual “racks” to represent physical locations
• Global mute button instantly mutes all devices on the network
• Ability to configure a system offline and assign devices when going online
• Load and Save of system files, current devices settings files and preset library files
• Linking view to enable linking of multiple devices, with optional exclusion of some parameters
• System snapshots to store or load current system state
Fatware (G3 DSP)
Fatware (G3 DSP)
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