From design to optimisation, we're all about sound excellence in both permanent and mobile environments

Solution One is the exclusive distributor of some of the most pioneering high-performing brands in the professional audio industry, recommended by sound engineers, including Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio, Linea Research and RC Audio.

As your professional sound expert partner, we assist and accompany you from conception to installation and optimisation as you plan bespoke audio systems for your spaces and events. Our equipment offers a wide range of flexible and modular solutions and the guarantee of a sound rendition of unparalleled quality.

We operate in France and its overseas territories, the Maghreb region including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and in Portugal…


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A dedicated and experienced team specifically working with you to meet your needs

S1 Audio

Solution One was founded in 2010 by passionate sound lovers and born from an extensive experience in the audio field.

Our team has been involved in sound systems for permanent, temporary and travelling locations for over 30 years. We work on all kinds of fixed and mobile projects: clubs, hotels, restaurants, galleries, trade fairs, cultural performances, fashion shows, tours, concerts, music festivals,….

We understand the needs and requirements of integrators, installers and contractors but also the challenges you face because we’ve been in your position ourselves. We don’t just sell cardboard boxes!


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S1 Audio

Committed to helping you achieve exceptional audio results whatever the technical challenges

From the minute you get in touch, and with no commitment on your part, our team will guide you towards the most suitable sound system for your project.

We will work with you to select the most appropriate products, offer you preliminary studies, train you in the optimum use of your chosen equipment and ensure monitoring and technical support should it be necessary.

Sound system design is a fine balance between art and science. The system itself should be transparent, as true sound is about emotions. That is why the equipment that we use can transcend the medium to provide audiences with unforgettable sound experiences.


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   RC Audio

Deep and longstanding relationships with some of the most prestigious professional audio brands

Solution One partners with a carefully selected range of professional audio brands at the forefront of sound technology and research including Funktion-One, Full Fat Audio, Linea Research and RC Audio.

These companies design and manufacture their products entirely in the UK, paying unfailing attention to quality and innovation and offering sound rendition of unprecedented accuracy.

Relationships with these award-winning teams run deep and have been built since the 90s. It enables us to have access to the very best sound equipment and provide our clients with complete solutions, catering to their needs at every level of the audio chain.


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A lasting and ever-growing network of partners, resellers and local qualified experts by your side

We work the way we do because we like to form lasting relationships and constantly expand our community with dedicated sound-loving professionals just like us.

We have integrators, installers and equipment hire companies working with our equipment on a daily basis and creating outstanding permanent or mobile sound systems.


>Need to install a sound system in a building, an open space or very unusual place?
We can put you in touch with the best qualified expert in your local area.


>Integrator, installer or you hire out equipment yourself?
We are always happy to discuss new partnerships.


>Want to become a reseller of our brands’ superior audio equipment?
We would love to hear from you.


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S1 Audio