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Electroacoustic art and science at the service of shared stories

Speech, which is at the heart of many events, must be understandable for the entire audience in an equal way. The back rows as much as the front rows have to hear and understand the message with total clarity.

An important aspect is versatility: the same space, whether it is a museum, a performance hall, an amusement park or a castle, can be used for a congress, a ceremony, a fashion show and many other events. However, if the venue is multi-purpose, the sound system equipment must be just as versatile, to meet all of these needs with always, great sound quality and ease of use.

The diversity of uses and functions requires equipment adapted to the different circumstances. The system’s design must allow for flexibility of use without having to make changes or adjustments.

That is the reason why we offer proposals for the study of the spaces, their acoustic signature and materials, and also study with you the needs in terms of uses and all the parameters necessary so that your diffusion system adapts and responds to the different types of functions.

For these spaces, in-depth, precise diagnostics and simulations are often required. Our privileged and close relationships with manufacturers allow us to conceive tailor-made solutions that will provide you with the right solution, both in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. We are committed to the quality of our installations. These solutions can obviously be modulated and evolve according to your needs.

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