Designed using precision performance high speed and low noise electronic components


Featuring a new high quality DSP engine with clear and natural sound. The DSP is designed around the latest ESS chip sets and hardware. Audio signals can be fed into the amplifiers either in the analogue domain by balanced XLR or digitally over ethernet by RJ45 connection.

The fully featured 96kHz DSP ensures the best sound. Updated FATWARE software continues to give quick, responsive user interaction and signals can be routed quickly and efficiently. FFA HD amplifiers are designed using precison performance high speed and low noise electronic components.

The high efficiency Class D PWM amplifier circuits are fully discreet and our high current SMPS will sustain low frequency energy continuously.

Key features


Offering 3 power points with equal DSP specifications the amplifiers can be used for a variety of roles. Any sound reinforcement for Café, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Cinemas AV, Nightclubs, tour and temporary sound, outdoor music festivals. The clear sound quality is ideal for audio that needs to heard or enjoyed.


Technical specification

Power Ratings
FFA-5004 HD G3 DSP - 4 x 1250W ref 4 Ohms 4 x 625W 8 Ohm
32dB - For all HD G3 DSP models
THD+N typical 0.03% ref 4 Ohms 1kHz
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz +- 0.5dB
40 Point Potentiometer per channel, power on switch
signal green = -20dB, signal yellow = -3dB, red signal = clip limiter, signal red protect = over current, low AC mains, 10 sec mute on power up
Load Protection
DC on output, precision clip limiter circuit
Amplifier Protection
Short circuit, current overload, thermal shutdown, high frequency stability circuit
Audio Signal Inputs
Analogue Balanced Neutrik® Female XLR input each channel Pin 1 - GND, Pin 2 - Hot +, Pin 3 - Cold Digital Dante AES67
Audio Power Outputs
Neutrik® speakON each channel. Channels 1 and 3 output speakON utilises 2+ and 2- connection to allow use of 4 core loudspeaker cable for bi amp loudspeaker systems. Bridged output possible
Power Requirement
1 x Neutrik® 20A powerCON connector 1 x 16 A 230 VAC Circuit. Power range 185 V-230 VAC 120 V (configured at factory)
System Cooling
High CFM 80mm fan with proportional signal speed control. Rear to front airflow
88mm Height x 483mm Width x 510mm Depth. Includes rear rack support. 19" rack mount enclosure
10.5 kg

DSP Hardware

• 96kHz ESS DSP engine
• 4 Analogue XLR input
• 4 x AUX Analogue DSP Outputs for connection to non DSP amplifiers
• 8 input digital audio over Ethernet RJ45
• 8 output digital audio over Ethernet RJ45
• RJ45 port for software communication 100Mbps Ethernet
• 2 x RJ45 ports for primary and secondary audio over Ethernet connection
• 1 x 6 way phoenix port for GPI remote control
• Up to 30 presets held in unit
• Latency 0.427ms @ 96kHz analogue input

DSP Software Functions

* per channel

Input Delay*
0 to 1.3s in 10.4uS steps
Input Compressor*
Threshold (-30 to +22 dBu), Attack, Release, Ratio, Soft-Knee
Input Parametric EQ*
8 bands – parametric, low shelf, high shelf, notch, band-pass
Input Dynamic EQ*
2 bands – parametric/low shelf/high shelf, boost/cut above /below, threshold, ratio, attack, release
Input High-Pass Filter*
Up to 24dB/octave (Butterworth / Bessel / Linkwitz-Riley)
Routing Inputs to Outputs
Full matrix mixer
Output Parametric EQ*
16 bands – parametric, low shelf, high shelf, notch, band-pass
Output High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter*
Up to 48dB/octave (Butterworth / Bessel / Linkwitz-Riley)
Output Gain*
-30 to +15dB in 0.1dB steps, mute, phase
Output Delay*
0 to 1.3s in 10.4uS steps High performance, two-stage PXL limiters ensure systems can be safely and reliably played at high level without compromising sound quality
Output Limiter power amplifier*
Threshold (-50 to +14dBu), attack, release, auto attack/release option
Output Limiter AUX XLR output
Threshold (-50 to +22dBu), attack, release, auto attack/release option
Output Delay*
0 to 1.3s in 10.4uS steps
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