The brands whose equipment we distribute, Funktion One, Full Fat Audio, Formula Sound, NST Audio and Cadac cover a huge diversity of applications with an incomparable level of quality.
Whatever your needs, from designing a sound system for a three storey night club, a haute couture fashion show, a bar where the patio doubles as a dance floor, or a live concert in front of countless spectators, to relaying the commentary in a giant stadium or allowing a choir to take the listeners’ breath away in a beautiful, domed cathedral, we can help you.
With Funktion One’s audio systems, Full Fat Audio’s amplifiers, Formula Sound's mixers, NST Audio's processors and Cadac's consoles, we can offer you a wide range of flexible solutions, suitable for both mobile applications and fixed installations. They afford an exceptional sound rendition that attaches as much importance to the scientific and technical side of things as to the emotion that is the heart of our business.

Fixed /Permanent systems

Installing a sound system in a space involves making long-term decisions that depend on many factors: the place, the intended use, the materials and surfaces used and the context (the type of structure, neighbours, open or closed space etc.). The integrators and installers with whom we work have a great deal of expertise in these variable factors and will know how best to deal with any given situation.
We also ensure that we offer them any help and support required, by offering in-depth studies if necessary and by making recommendations that take into account the complexity of the project. In doing this, we can be confident that all of the systems will be used both easily and to their best advantage, producing an exceptional, natural sound that will touch the hearts of the audience.

Mobile applications

Many sound systems are only temporary. They are put together to meet a one-off requirement, which can nevertheless be on a very large scale, take place at multiple locations and involve any number of variable factors. Whether for festivals, corporate events or bands on tour, great sound quality is a must, as is the ease of use, the versatility and of course the performance of the sound system.
The audio equipment that Solution One offers possesses exactly these essential qualities. Solution One also advises its clients so that their range of equipment allows them to service high-quality events in many different contexts, whether interior or exterior, at an intimate gathering or to unite a packed audience.