Full Fat Audio’s four channel amplifiers are now available with on board digital signal processing (DSP). The DSP controlled amplifier provides a cost effective solution for sound system design and can be used for installation or temporary sound systems. The DSP is accessed by an Ethercon connector on the rear of the amplifier and controlled and programmed by PC based software.

The DSP has two audio input’s which are analogue or selectable AES/EBU digital. Unusually there are 6 audio output channels, 4 assigned to the FFA-4004 or FFA-6004 and 2 assigned to a pair of male XLR connection on the rear of the amplifier. These extra processed outputs can be used for example for a 3 way stereo system of bass, mid and high frequency where the 2 outputs drive a 2 channel bass amplifier.

The DSP features useful compressor/limiter functions on the audio input’s and audio output’s which aid system protection against overdrive and also for environmental noise considerations. The DSP is accessed via an Ethercon connector on the rear panel of the amplifier and connected using a CAT5 Ethernet cable direct to a personal computer (MAC or PC) or via an Ethernet Hub or router. The DSP is password protected and allows the designer to keep interference from unauthorised persons whom may change parameters and either damage the loudspeaker system or exceed set enviromental noise levels.

Voltage amplifier control:

The DSP amplifiers also now include a VCA control port. All 6 outputs can be accessed by VCA and volume can be controlled by an external potentiometer. The VCA’s can be paralled or individually consigned.