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Much sought after at festivals, Funktion One is hugely popular in the electronic music world. The organisers of the Boom festival in Portugal, the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and Tomorrow Land in Belgium all insist on using Funktion One’s equipment for obvious reasons: an amazing musical context, sound immersion of the highest quality and a real connection with the public - everything, in fact, that the brand stands for. These events are associated with the sound of Funktion One because it’s a different type of sound; it puts emotion at the heart of its technology.

However, the audio equipment that we distribute is perfect for all types of music. Some of the festivals that rely on Funktion One systems are proof of this. Lost Theory, Worldwide and Secret Garden are unusual in that they are crossover events, where electro and other types of music can be heard alongside free jazz. These diverse musical styles are all very realistically reproduced because the systems require no curve correction in order to achieve an optimum result. What counts is that the music is well played, because that is what the festivalgoers are there for.

The fact that Funktion One started out with electronic music is significant, because it was from this type of music that some unusual sounds first emerged, and with audio fidelity of their systems, all little details were reproduced perfectly. The next difference was the feeling, or atmosphere, which resulted from a total immersion in the music, making the audience buzz with the sound.

All this demonstrates that we can offer very versatile solutions, capable of creating an immersive sound environment, and meeting extremely varied demands, regardless of the type of music.

Of course, the equipment is available in different versions:
-- The touring version, lightweight, functional and ergonomic, has an integrated hanging system.
-- The intermediate version, called version E, comprises a simpler cabinet, without the integrated hanging system with ceramic magnets. It is heavier, but also more cost effective.
-- The skeleton version is in itself very lightweight, sometimes easier and less costly to install. However, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which it will be used.