XiB4 DSP amplifier 1250W @2Ω 800W @4Ω, 450W @ 2Ω

Linea’s XiB4 is a four channel amplifier suitable for use anywhere a powerful, clean sounding product with inbuilt DSP is required. Equally at home in portable PA, conferencing and contractor environments the XiB4 is the perfect choice in any application where being tamperproof is important.

Remote operation is possible with Linea’s intuitive Podware PC application over BvNet, our installation friendly network. BvNet is an RS485 based system that allows many XiB4 amplifiers to be ‘daisy chained’ over hundreds of metres using low cost cables and without the need for network switches etc. Integration with other parts of a system is possible using dimple contact closure ports and Linea offer a range of interface units that allow seamless connection to Ethernet and Dante.

The XiB4 also provides extensive fault logging and monitoring. This includes surveillance tone detection and driver integrity monitoring. These facilities are usually only associated with expensive specialised products and this is the first time that they have been made available as standard features for no additional cost.