System description
Vero is a large format touring sound system, which has been engineered for new levels of audio and operational performance. It has been designed, developed and perfected by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced audio engineers in the world.  Vero is a complete system, featuring loudspeakers, amplification, cabling, rigging, software and transportation hardware. Vero's feature set and ergonomic design ensure the user experience is straightforward, delivering outstanding results. Vero's unique loudspeaker technology and proven touring amplification combine to present accurate sound evenly across large audience areas. 
Vero’s designers have achieved amazingly coherent summation of audio energy from finely angled adjacent enclosures for high intensity projection to the far field. Enclosures can also be arrayed at greater angles to extend vertical coverage for the near field. This enables accurate physical control of sound density from a Vero array. The natural geometry of the waveguides and their relationship with each other within the array results in a coherent addition of sound which Funktion One have named Geometric Energy Summation (GES).  This enables sound density to be easily and accurately tailored whilst preserving a uniquely detailed sonic picture.
There is a division of the mid-high enclosures into a more focused and narrower dispersion V60 long throw enclosure for the top of the array and the wider dispersion V90 for the medium to nearfield. Therefore, there are three different types of Vero enclosure, V315 mid-bass and two directivities of mid-high, V60 and V90. This ensures the focus of the audio is solely on the audience, which in turn leads to a reduction in unwanted room excitement and a consequent overall improvement in audience experience. 

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Speaker system
The Vero range features six highly-efficient, low distortion horn-loaded loudspeakers - the V60 mid-high, V90 mid-high and V315 mid-bass with a choice of V221, F124 or V132 bass. The V60s, V90s and V315s all have identical dimensions enabling them to be flown in the same vertical array.  The grounds stacked V221, F124 or V132 bass enclosures offer a choice of size and low frequency extension. 

V60 - mid-high 60° horizontal coverage / 6° vertical
The Vero V60 is a flown mid-high loudspeaker providing 60° horizontal and 6° vertical coverage with a frequency response of 200Hz to 18kHz. It comprises two 10in Neodymium mid drivers with a sensitivity of 109dB 1W@1m and three 1.4in Neodymium HF drivers with a sensitivity of 112dB 1W@1m. The V60’s narrower dispersion angle projects mid-high frequencies to the far field. Weight 120kg.

V90-mid-high 90° horizontal coverage / 12° vertical 
The Vero V90 is a flown mid-high loudspeaker providing 90° horizontal and 12º vertical coverage with a frequency response of 200Hz to 18kHz. It comprises two 10in Neodymium drivers with a sensitivity of 108dB 1W@1m and two 1.4in Neodymium HF drivers with a sensitivity of 111dB 1W@1m. The V90’s wider dispersion delivers mid-high frequencies to the near and medium field. Weight 112kg. 

V315 mid bass
The Vero V315 is a flown mid-bass horn loaded loudspeaker. It has three 15in Neodymium drivers with a sensitivity of 107dB 1W@1m and a frequency response of 45Hz to 250Hz. Weight 120kg.

The F124 is a powerful and efficient bass enclosure that provides extended and defined low frequency bass performance. Two voice coils and intense magnetic flux control the 24” cone with impressive accuracy, ensuring excellent transient response and extended depth to below 30Hz. This combination of mid-bass speed and impact with low-bass extension from a single enclosure, makes the F124 the perfect bass for the Vero system.

Vero is powered by Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44 amplifiers featuring bulletproof reliability, tremendous power from a compact package, on-board processing and the sonically superior Dante networking for signal distribution.

Vero’s Lambda flying system (patent pending) is designed for speed, safety and ease of use. It allows Vero arrays to be deployed accurately and efficiently. All rigging settings are calculated using Vero’s Projection software. Vero's inter-cabinet splay angles can be adjusted with the system in suspension.
The Lambda system consists of the FlyGrid with telescopic boom and enclosure FlyPlates which are integral to the V60, V90 and V315 enclosures. The FlyPlates are detachable for testing and maintenance. The FlyGrid comes complete with a pod containing an inclinometer, lasers aiming guide and a rear pull tension indicator. A customised FlyGrid road-trunk makes transport and on-site assembly straightforward and provides storage for all related hardware.

The Vero speaker system’s transport dolly is specifically designed for the various challenges of live events and touring productions. The platform of the dolly is fitted with guides that ensure a Vero column settles into the correct position when landing. The guides also work as restraints, securing the load in transit.
Each dolly is designed to carry four pre-rigged Vero V60, V90 or V315 cabinets. The eight-inch, polyurethane wheels resist deformation and their castor bearings are able to handle high levels of lateral force, while sealed wheel bearings ensure smooth operation.

Projection Software - System Design
Projection design and prediction software allows Vero users to optimise array designs for smooth audience coverage and generate detailed venue specific system information.  Projection presents a user friendly interface with many features that make deploying Vero on events and tours straightforward.
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