The Resolution 5 Touring enclosure is a high intensity three-way, mid-high loudspeaker used to create accurate point-source arrays. The unique and patented midrange Axhead loading device not only gives incredible efficiency and dispersion control, but also increases high frequency output from the 8" cone driver. This means that the crossover point to the compression driver can be raised to around 6kHz for dramatically reduced distortion compared to the compression driver based midrange so prevalent in the industry. Its highly controlled and focused dispersion enables precise tailoring of overall system coverage, simply through the geometry of the array. Unwanted room reflections are thereby substantially reduced, maintaining the enclosure's high intelligibility.

The system's flexibility in application makes it suitable for any event size from 500 people to the largest festival, thereby maximising use of rental inventory. Its innovative and simple integrated flying system, combined with minimal size and weight, allow for easy and effective flying or ground stacking. The Resolution 5 is economic in terms of system cost, production budget and truck space. Above all, the accuracy and sonic quality it delivers are exceptional for all genres of music.