Funktion One is a British brand whose professional audio products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK. The founders of Funktion One are inventors, passionate about sound, who have brought about major innovations in the audio world, delivering an incomparable and unbeatable acoustic quality.

-- Versatility, flexibility, quality!

Most of Funktion One’s products are available as several different models, each designed according to its intended use. The same system, with an identical output and the same optimum quality, can therefore be tailored for permanent installation or to be used on tour for example, or for one-off events.

This leads to certain variations in the price, the design and the weight of the equipment. These differences will be especially significant if the system needs to be hung from ceiling or in a marquee etc.

Funktion One’s versatile and adaptable range, including equipment suitable for fixed installations and mobile purposes along with smaller, multipurpose products, can be found in our catalogue, which can be downloaded here:

-- A different technological approach...

Funktion One’s technological approach is based on two principles; excluding all system equalisation (with the associated problems of phase and headroom) and minimising the use of compression drivers for mid range frequencies (with their inherent harshness and distortion). Their speaker systems also have excellent directional control, which facilitates precise sound distribution within the desired space and at the same time reduces noise disturbances in the surrounding area.
Particular attention is also paid to the emotional effect of the sound. Not only that made by the music, but also that produced by the sound itself, which could be called its “quality”.

-- Recognisable and efficient design.

The design of Funktion One’s speakers results from years of research into maximising efficiency, i.e. the conversion of amplification power into acoustic energy. They thus produce a bright and responsive sound, making the Resolution system, for example, more efficient than most others in its class.