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Good sound systems are essential in very large structures, where the space may be enclosed, open on all sides, with a ceiling tens of metres high, or even no roof at all. Sound installations in stadiums and railway stations can present significant challenges.

Intelligibility and acoustic accuracy are essential, but what about keeping voices sounding natural, so they don’t offend the ear whilst creating a pleasant all-round sound experience for everyone, from the person in the front row at a sports event to a group of friends sitting right up in the Gods?

The range of products distributed by Solution One includes some very specific, dedicated systems, which have proved themselves effective time and time again. Modular Stadia Technology (MST), designed for and dedicated to large-scale sound environments, offers excellent sound quality. Instead of using a poorly adapted music system, MST represents a truly acoustic solution in larger venues both for vocal announcements as well as music.

During the 2014 winter Olympics at Sotchi, MST was used to provide a sound system in a mountain environment. One single point-source system was used, simplifying the cabling immensely. The sound from the single five-horn assembly was clearly audible over several square kilometres crowded with spectators, from the top to the bottom of the bobsleigh track. This system also won the trophy for the best permanent sound installation of the year at the Pro Sound Awards, an annual international event that honours the most outstanding audio systems.

It is Funktion One’s patented, technological approach that leads to this exceptional performance. Their systems include narrow dispersion horns, available with a choice of two dispersion angles. These horns are conceived to achieve directional control over the whole vocal frequency range. Often, only the high-pitched part of the voice is projected whilst the lower frequencies defract, losing their intensity and their precision. With MST, it is possible to control a large range of frequencies, giving greater comfort for listeners; a well-balanced sound essential for music broadcasting as well as natural vocals and easily understood announcements.

It goes without saying that our products come in fire-resistant and weather-proof versions, with water-resistant and sunlight-resistant finishes. Designed for outdoor use, they are very robust and durable; in a word, perfect for this type of situation!