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Places of worship

Places of worship can be small and intimate or huge and crowded, whilst the buildings can be ancient, traditional or very modern. Whatever the architecture, music, singing and the spoken word are an important part of the spiritual communion felt by the faithful who attend.

The intelligibility of speech, a well-balanced sound and a high-quality installation that takes into account individual characteristics of the building are all-important. This immersion in sound allows worshippers to feel a deeper affinity with their faith and their beliefs.

We at Solution One, thanks to our expert knowledge of sound-related issues and the exceptionally high-quality equipment that we supply, have a unique approach to buildings and their acoustics, allowing us to respond positively to all kinds of challenges.

It could, for example, be the installation of a sound system in an ancient stone cathedral, with vaulted or domed ceilings and stained glass windows, or a very modern building, designed to unite several hundred, or even several thousand people. In any case, a pure sound and intelligibility are a must. The spoken word must be completely comprehensible, the voice totally natural and it must be equally audible to the people in the front row and those furthest away. The worshippers are thus immersed in a spiritual ambiance where the readings, sermons, songs and music can shine through.