Our design and project support

The choice of audio equipment is crucial when your intention is to acquire long-lasting, reliable systems offering irreproachable sound quality. Quality is an essential factor in creating a special atmosphere, ensuring that speech is well understood, encouraging people to dance etc. Durability, ease of use and functionality are equally important points: you must be sure that you will be fully satisfied with your investment.
The choice of equipment therefore holds a particular importance for our direct customers (integrators, installers, service providers) just as it does for those we consider to be our end clients, since they rely on our network to guarantee, at the very least, a good sound system.
This is why we offer 3 types of studies.
The first one is free of charge and with no commitment.
The in-depth study is very comprehensive, thus ensuring that our clients have all the necessary equipment at their disposal to guarantee good quality systems, whatever their needs may be.
The third type of study, which includes additional acoustic analysis, is very thorough. We encourage our clients to make this investment when the nature of the project is very complex and when sound is the key factor in the success of their project.

The preliminary study: free of charge and with no commitment

We automatically offer a preliminary study to clients who are contemplating using our audio systems, giving them a price estimate for the products we would recommend, based on plans and information that they provide.

The in-depth study

This comprehensive study is offered to clients who have placed their confidence in us, and whose projects require particular attention due to the technical difficulties they pose (type of space, numbers of stages or venues to be equipped, etc.) It ensures that the chosen sound installation offers an optimum sound rendition, taking into account all possible criteria.
We therefore provide a complete dossier with:

  • 3D acoustic modelling of the site or venue
  • an internal acoustic evaluation
  • summary wiring and installation schematics for the recommended system(s)
  • a site visit with acoustic measurements may be done depending on the project

The acoustic study

When a need to improve the internal acoustics of a building arises, or when there are issues with sound insulation or the possibility of noise disturbances in the neighbourhood, we carry out acoustic studies in addition to the in-depth study. These involve finding solutions to problems and difficulties caused by the building itself.
Our extensive experience in this area has led us to conclude that it is essential, for complex projects in unusual or older venues, to perform this additional study.
Unfortunately, traditional acoustic studies are often carried out by civil engineers who may be unaware of the future sonic requirements of the building, especially as regards to the room’s acoustical performance. We therefore fill this gap by carrying out acoustic studies that take these needs into account right from the outset. They thus focus on the system’s acoustic performance in a particular building and in a specific context.