New Funktion-One loudspeakers deployed for Paris Event

Warehouse Alternative is a new Parisian organisation that produced its first event at the start of October in the prestigious Grande Halle de la Villette. The evening was headlined by legendary DJ Laurent Garnier, who played a five-hour set.

The venue, located in central Paris, is an old slaughterhouse and has been used as a concert venue since the 1980s. Its 19th century iron and glass architecture and huge dimensions make the venue somewhat reverberant, making it aurally challenging.

What's more, the venue is located in a residential area and so with practically no sound isolation material in the construction at all, it’s up to the designer of the sound system to minimise the environmental impact. The venue deploys an array of networked measurement microphones in the neighbourhood to avert excessive levels avoid complaints.

After considerable research into the choice of sound systems and suppliers, Warehouse Alternative chose to work with Paris based Funktion-One rental company Remote, who proposed a kit using the complete Evo7 range. "It was very attractive to be able to propose the first outing of a brand new system from Funktion-One on our first event," said Antoine Flot.

The system was perfectly suited to the event and venue with the new Funktion-One Evo 7 THs and Evo 7 T215s bringing vertical control and narrow dispersion, thus not ‘waking’ the venue. Remote deployed a combination of F121 bass in cardioid mode left and right with BR221s used end fired in the middle.

This system has such a low emergence, the dancefloor levels are much higher than usual and the connection to the music is better with minimal reverberation and room noise, plus good control of the mid-high dispersion.

Remote's Pascal Menin said: “This combination of bass control was instrumental in reducing the noise levels recorded in the neighbourhood to unprecedented lows. The venue's management were very impressed, enthusing that it’s unheard of to attain proper immersive audio in this space. Laurent Garnier commented that these are the best mixing conditions he’s had in a long time and that he really enjoyed his appearance at Warehouse Alternative.”