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Hotels, Bars, Restaurants

Sound is an outstanding medium for conveying emotion. Nothing is more important for a hotel, a restaurant or a bar than successfully creating an ambiance that symbolises the establishment; an atmosphere in which clients feel a certain well-being, whatever the individual circumstances of their lives. For this to be a success, a number of factors need to be combined: attractive décor, good furnishings, a welcoming smile etc. are all important but music, of course, is essential. It must touch the listeners’ hearts, adding intensity, softness and sensuality to the occasion, without bombarding their ears or disrupting conversations.

The sound must be balanced while remaining versatile and suitable for different circumstances: sharing a moment in the bar, enjoying an intimate meal with a lover, a snack with a group of friends or crossing the lobby of a newly discovered hotel, for example. It must also be possible to make it powerful and energizing enough for a special event.

Our product range caters for all this, by offering durable, flexible solutions that take into account the various possible uses of the venue. Thus, even at low levels, the systems we recommend, which are always tailored to clients’ specific requirements, offer a greater listening comfort; an engaging experience that allows people to connect with the music that’s playing as well as the emotion it conveys. The clarity of the sound is superb, so the atmosphere can be classy and sophisticated one day, then very rock & roll or electro the next!

Of course, we are equally aware of the design aspect. Solution One therefore offers a broad range of products and solutions in order to solve the various integration problems that can be encountered in this type of venue. So for example, speakers can be made in shades chosen by the client according to the RAL code and certain products take into account the limited space available, such as subwoofers that slide underneath the seating.