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There is nothing quite like seeing the reaction of an enthusiastic crowd in front of a good DJ: the connection that builds between them, the music and the groove at the moment when the party is in full swing and happiness and emotion come together.

When the sound is good, the public is the first to sense the difference. A club equipped by Funktion One inevitably develops a special rapport with the DJ, but also with the public. F1’s systems offer a true immersion in the sound, as much for the clubbers as for those who are playing the music.

The new DJ monitoring systems, like the PSM 318 for example, offer DJs an incomparable level of comfort, allowing them to hear and feel perfectly the tone and nuances of what they are playing, something which makes a remarkable difference to the quality of their gigs. This explains why the system is so much in demand by the top DJs, who really appreciate finding themselves immersed in their music thanks to its powerful return – a definite must in today’s nightclubs.

Another key element: the distortion levels of F1’s system are very low compared with those of other systems, so this leaves room for other sounds, such as the human voice, to be heard. This is an enormous advantage. In a club with low ceilings, for example, people inevitably find themselves very close to a loudspeaker, but are still able to converse comfortably whilst remaining immersed in the music. At the end they leave full of energy, without having strained their voices, having enjoyed a genuine sonic experience.

The audio equipment that we distribute, along with Funktion One and Full Fat Audio, thus promotes a particular rapport not only with artists and DJs but also with the public. Venues equipped with F1’s systems are renowned for the quality of the sound and their owners’ approach to the music. Hence the importance of our technical expertise and our taking the utmost care to ensure that each venue is supplied and equipped for optimum sound quality. This is why, if a project is complex, we suggest a comprehensive study, to ensure that our full attention is given not only to the design but to any challenges our installers and integrators might encounter.