The BR221 took centre stage at the Worldwide Festival!

Solution One also experimented with the BR 221 during this year’s Worlwide Festival. It was used on the main stage system to do a near field bass role placed in the centre in addition to the existing F218 left right set up.

It had a resounding success with amazing comments coming from public, engineers and the co-founder of the festival, Boris Picq.

«I have known and used Funktion One for over 15 years now and I can definitely say the brand is now part of the DNA of our festival, just like our unique artistic line up or the exceptional sites we place our stages in.», he says. «We could not imagine working with any other systems as there is such a greater listening experience attached to the Funktion One’s systems. And I must say it gets better every year.»

When asked if he could feel the difference with the BR221, Boris replies : «I can’t speak for the engineers, but for me, in the crowd, it was fantastic. It gave a deeper bass sensation to the whole public, from front to back. However, it was still possible to talk with friends without shouting while being totally immersed in sound. It felt like we had gone a step further and I loved it !»

Indeed, the BR221 was used as a tool to give more evenly distributed bass in the crowd area and as a near field bass for the crowd front and centre. The BR221 is part of the new bass reflex range launched by Funktion One. The range adresses applications requiring near-field bass or lower bass extension. The bass reflex range can also be in addition to the horn-loaded bass cabinets giving Funktion-One systems a further tool to enhance and perfect the listening experience.