3 new brands join forces with Solution One

Solution One, which has been distributing Funktion One and FFA since its opening, has recently added three new brands to its portfolio. Why? «We wanted to provide our customers, who are mainly providers, installers and integrators, with complete solutions, the best advice and cater to their needs at every level of the audio chain», explains Chris Hawkes, one of the founder of the company.

Indeed, Solution One now offers the «ultimate» audio chain with sound systems made by Funktion One, amplifiers made by FFA, mixers made by Formula Sound, processors made by NST Audio, and consoles made by Cadac!

Each brand has been chosen carefully with a few, nonetheless demanding, points in mind.
«It is quite simple», says Chris. «They had to be innovative. They had to be qualitative. They had to be British.»

If you were to wonder why, a point needs to be made, since it underlies Solution One’s conviction: Brits are not only strong in terms of creativity in the music arena but they are also great at inventing the technology that comes along with it! Intuitive, forward thinking, in touch with the market needs and wants, the brands that Solution One distributes all have innovative products to propose. They are easy to use, while providing great sound quality.

For instance, discover the BR221 from Funktion One with its extremely well braced enclosures for clean bass performance, try NST Audio’s D48, an exciting new processor that is the result of several decades worth of R&D experience in designing the very best in professional DSP product. Enjoy the fantastic possibilities offered by the FF6000 DJ mixer from Formula Sound and expect to be amazed by the much awaited G2 Matrix Amplifier and Processor from FFA, not to mention the up-and-coming CDC 6 console from Cadac, with is exceptional user interface, legendary Cadac mic-pre’s, state-of-the art DSP.